1)  NO mask NO entry.

2)  After each game wear your masks before leaving the courts.

3)  Please bring your own chair.

4)  Maintain the 6' distancing.

5)  Please use hand sanitizer at all times.

6)  Wear gloves at all times if possible.

The newest Contra Costa county opening guidelines directives can be found by clicking here:

Rules of Play & Code of Conduct


  1. Pickleball courts open at 8 AM, Closing at ½ hour after sunset.

  2. Put paddles on the fence by group or use the white board if available.

  3. Play one game to 11 points, then, rotate off the court, even when there are no waiting players. If you are practicing or playing singles, leave the court after 20 minutes.* see note below

  4. When players leave the court that is farther from the entrance, players using the courts along the entrance should slide over to now empty court. * see note below

  5. Call your own foot faults at the non-volley zone line and the service line.

  6. When busy, keep warm up short. When game ends, leave quickly; let others know court is open.

  7. No food or drink on courts, except water.

  8. No chairs or pets allowed on any court.

  9. Warn nearby court if your ball rolls on to their court, “Ball on Court”.

  10. Eye protection is recommended.

  11. Follow the USA Pickleball Association Code of Conduct.

  12. Only engage in sportsmanlike conduct and encourage others to do so.

  13. Only engage in behavior that promotes and maintains the health, safety and well being of others.

  14. Treat others with respect and courtesy on and off the courts.

  15. Do not “coach” others unless asked to do so.

  16. Know and follow the rules of the game.

  17. Observe the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as I would have them do unto me”.


*Note (Rudgear Court’s Etiquette): Some courts have more shadows and more cracks than other courts. When your game is over, please, leave your court to allow players from the next court to slide over.  In winter some courts may be wetter and have more water puddles then other courts. If you are playing on a dry court, leave when your game is over to allow other players to enjoy a dry court.  This has been a successful court’s etiquette since the inception of pickleball at Rudgear and it has allowed everyone to enjoy the courts equitably.

Pickleball for All

The Walnut Creek Pickleball Club is here to share this great sport with people of all ages and skill levels. Join us for round robins, and barbecues, or just come out and play at one of our three locations in Walnut Creek. See you on the courts!

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Who are we?

Picture taken at Rudgear Park on Community Service Day, October 28, 2017. For more pictures click on Gallery menu item or visit our Facebook page

Jordan Briones YouTube videos

Where do we play?

PrimeTime Pickleball was created by Jordan Briones & Nicole Havlicek to bring you the best and most up to date video training so that you can take your game to the next level! Click here to access Primetime Video.
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Jordan Briones is a member of the Walnut Creek Pickleball Club
Courts at Rudgear Park in Walnut Creek

Pickleball Lessons

Group, Private and Semi-Private / All instructors are members of the Walnut Creek Pickleball Club

Drills, Skills and Thrills with

George "Rusty" Lent

IPTPA Certified

Patricia De Castro Strazzi

IPTPA Certified



Beginner and Advanced Beginner Lessons

with Miriam Garfinkel, MA

PPR Certified Coach

with Liam Krauss

PPR Certified Coach

​925 676 9148
925 917-0296

How to play pickleball?

Pickleball Dreams with

Carmen Sanz

PPR Certified Pro Coach

​925  475-9381

Where to buy equipment?

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WC Pickleball Club and the City of Walnut Creek

We have a strong membership of over 550 members. In 2015, we raised $10,000 to put in 4 dedicated pickleball courts. In 2016, we paid to resurface the courts after if became a safety issue.  A storage shed was added and ball barriers between courts. In September 2018, we added 4 more dedicated courts, after raising over $18,000 to build them. 

We have supported Walnut Creek and Cindy Silva's, Community Service Day, in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2020 we participated to the City of Walnut Creek Community food drive. We have added picnic tables every year, and cleared the landscape of many year's worth of debris. We added a path to the new gates the City and Public Works put in too! We have helped build a facility Walnut Creek can be proud to show everyone.

Walnut Creek Pickleball Club

Walnut Creek, California