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Walnut Creek Pickleball Club


Member Code of Conduct


  1. I will only engage in sportsmanlike conduct and encourage others to do so.

  2. I will only engage in behavior that promotes and maintains the health, safety and well-being of others.

  3. I will treat others with respect and courtesy on and off the courts.

  4. I will not “coach” others unless asked to do so.

  5. Know and follow the rules of the game.

  6. Communicate with your partner to avoid contact.

  7. Stop play immediately if a ball rolls onto the court.

  8. Observe the Golden Rule, do unto others as I would have them do unto me.

  9. Pay attention to the sign up board. Be ready to play.

  10. When busy keep warms ups short. When the game ends leave quickly and let others know the court is open.

  11. Call your own foot faults at the non-volley zone line and the service line.

  12. Eye protection is recommended!


All club members agree to abide by the Guidelines upon joining the club and when renewing annual membership.


Failure to adhere to these Guidelines may result in disciplinary actions.

Walnut Creek Pickleball Club

Walnut Creek, California