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Club History

 In Spring of 2009, Bill and Joan Dougherty moved to Rossmoor. They started playing Pickleball on only one tennis court a few days a week.  Bill convinced Tice Valley Gym to allow Pickleball on the badminton courts, with a lowered net.


  When the Rossmoor Pickleball Club was formed some of the founding members were Dick and Lynn Hildebrand, Wayne Moon, Trish Dickinson, Addie Mattox and Steve and Linda Ritz.  

 In 2014 the Walnut Creek Pickleball was formed when it moved to play on the multi-use courts at Rudgear Park.  

 The Walnut Creek Pickleball Club continues to grow exponentially as participation in the sport continues to grow nationwide.

The club and the City of Walnut Creek

Our club has been steadily growing with a membership of over 700 members in 2022.  In 2015, in partnership with the City of Walnut Creek our club raised $10,000 to put in four dedicated pickleball courts.  In September 2018, we were able to raise $18,000 and added four more dedicated courts.  Since 2016 our club has worked with the City of Walnut Creek by participating in Community Service Day where picnic tables have been added, new tan bark laid down and debris cleaned away from the courts and fences.  In 2020 and the years following when Community Service Day was not possible due to Covid 19 our club also participated in the Community Food Drive which received 39,000 pounds of food donations for the Contra Costa Food Bank.  Our club is proud to contribute to the beautification of the pickleball courts at Rudgear Park.  We were very excited for Community Service Day to return in 2022 and had the opportunity to beautify our courts once again.

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